Pushing the boundaries!

August 29th, 2011 + 4:08 PM  ·  Jiminuk

I've come back to Bandamp after some time doing my stuff on other social networking sites.  Don't get me wrong, it's not that I'm not still facebooking (or whatever) but this really is a great place to stick your songs out there and have some really useful tips and comments come back.  It's also great to have people say they like your (my) stuff, but if I only wanted that then I'd use myspace or similar (oh ok, I use that too, but only to push my songs and hopefully get gigs).

So why have I been pushing the boundaries?  Well, perhaps that's a little exaggeration as I've not really come across any boundaries, but I have been going out a lot more than expected, writing more than expected, playing more than expected, and working (at my real job... I don't get paid to be a musician you know!) more than expected.

Now almost everything (apart from work) has been because of music.  If you're kids are finally grown up (as much as kids do) and you've finally found that you can get back to doing what you want for you instead of them, and what you want to do is play music.... then you know what I mean!

From open mic to open mic; from open mic to gig; from gig to gig; and over the last 24 hours, from gig to gig to gig in 3 boroughs, all by invitation!  Now how did that happen?  But today also sees the first time this year that we (my acoustic duo "Chris and Jim") have not had a gig lined up.

Do we wait and see what gets offered, or do we get off our asses and go out there to get some work?  I'm still undecided - but I expect it will be the latter. Whatever it is, I'll let you know!


September 13th, 2011 + 6:09 PM  ·  Jiminuk

The bizarre thing about posting a blog is that, after you've posted it, all things can change!
There I was saying that I have no gigs lined up, then 2 days later I have 3!  One in mid October, one on the 29th October, and another (bigger) on the 19th November.
It doesn't do to be complacent though... I still think I need to get off my proverbial and get some more gigs lined up.
Happy days

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